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Monday, April 28, 2014

Dendrobium phalaenopsis white flowers

Dendrobium phalaenopsis, orchid hybrid with white flowers

Monday, March 3, 2014

How to repot a Cattleya orchid in bark and sphagnum-moss

The basic steps of my repotting of a Cattleya orchid in bark and sphagnum moss:
  1. rinse bark under hot running water;
  2. soak it in osmosis water (or distilled or rain water) at least for one hour;
  3. let drain off;
  4. place a first compound layer in the pot;
  5. place the plant;
  6. fill the pot without pressing, leaving at least one visible root; 
  7. free the holes at the bottom of the pot;
  8. cover the exposed roots with some wet sphagnum;
  9. water soak(or shower from above) when is dry;
  10. fertilize at normal dose but only during active growing.

Repotting Cattleya orchid in bark and sphagnum moss
Cattleya orchid, repotting
in bark and sphagnum compound
The Cattleya plants are epiphytes in nature, as well as the Phalaenopsis, they grow suspended, stuck in the branches of trees with their strong and spongy roots ready to absorb every drop of rain water that flows through and dry out quickly on the light breeze of tropical forests . You can not play these exact conditions in a flat, so that every enthusiast is looking for a practical solution as much as possible good to growth, and maybe the blooming of these fascinating orchids. To convince a Cattleya that the best place to stretch its roots is the vessel that we provide we must try to make it airy but moist, never soggy or compact!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Blooming of my Odontoglossum hybrid (Cambria)

Odontoglossum hybrid (Cambria) in pot, flower detail
Odontoglossum hybrid (Cambria) from IKEA, in bloom 
after one year growing in pot with bark e sphagnum,
flower detail
(picture of 29 September 2012)

I bought this orchid for the beauty of the flower and the shape of the plant in general, but without having clear in mind her needs. The directions on the label were scarce, as for all plants of the Swedish multinational, the only certainty I had was on genetics, in fact, the commercial hybrids are usually like tanks, if they manage to survive into the store to get them stone dead there wants an atomic disaster! ;-)
This Cambria confirmed it for me.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Phalaenopsis (kingidium) chibae, repotting to be fixed

Young chibae Phalaenopsis orchid (kingidium), botanical species, photo and description of the plant and repotting.
Phalaenopsis (ex kingidium) chibae, orchid botanical species,
growing in pot into the mini orchidarium 2
(picture of 14 December 2012)

This lovely Phalaenopsis chibae came from an auction on ebay at the end of August, the photos that were on the ad showed a fair amount of healthy roots outside the substrate so it tempted me so much...

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A new Cattleya at beginning of flowering, repotted.

A dear friend, orchid lover, came to visit us a few days ago, I could not avoid to take her for a ride in the greenhouses of my fauvorite orchid seller: Orchids & More! We spent a very pleasant couple of hours wandering around, surrounded by the surreal atmosphere created by thousands of orchids of all shapes and sizes.
Was great fun and relaxing to try the heady scents of dozens of different Cattleya in bloom!

Cattleya ibrida ad inizio fioritura, appena comprata con nuova radice e boccioli
Cattleya hybrid biginning flowering
var. Sophro Cattleya Chian-tzy Angieko 4 seasons
(pictur of 27 November 2012)

I chose this Cattleya thanks to my friend who got one but with already opened flowers, the deep purple color and the citrus scent convinced me, so I looked for one for me too ...